The Problem/ Need

After interacting with thousands of students and interviewing 100’s of Toppers, I realized that most of the students scoreless not because of lack of knowledge or hard work or intelligence but because of lack of guidance, planned approach and poor study techniques. So, the problem most of the students face is not of potential but of converting that potential into performance.

  • The basic differentiating factor between a topper and you is the study techniques and proper strategy. Hard work coupled with efficient and appropriate study techniques and proper strategy brings achievement. And that’s what your school doesn’t teach you. They’ll tell you WHAT to study but never focus on HOW to study. Another missing link is counseling support and guidance. There is no place to vent out their frustration, anger, and anxiety. New normal of social distancing and isolation has added to the misery and created pressure cooker like situation ready to burst any time.

The solution

With these insights, we have embarked on a mission to find the real ingredients of academic success and give students the tools for peak performance. Our programme “Score more for Sure” has been developed after interaction with hundreds of Toppers and share the study techniques and strategies adopted by Toppers. The programme focuses on 3 broad areas

  • Effective Study Techniques

    Apart from working hard, success today demands working smart. You require the right study skills to improve your efficiency

  • Correct Strategy

    Strategy starts right from making a daily plan and goes till the time you write the exam

  • Guidance and Support

    Keeps you motivated and on the right track. There comes a time when you’ll need an outlet for your feelings, especially in this post corona world where everyone’s behind the masks and closed doors.

Some of the areas touched in our programme are

• Planning & Goal Setting • Techniques for Problem-solving • Staying motivated and happy
• Perfect daily time table • Note-taking • Revise at 10X speed
• Handling Stress, anxiety and failures • How to develop Interest/Concentration • Striking balance between school and Competitive Exams