Eight Toppers come together to transform your UPSC exam preparation.

UPSC Decoded is the first-ever UPSC and State Civil Services exam preparation course with priceless insights from eight UPSC toppers nationwide, guaranteed to improve your score and fulfill your aspirations of becoming a Civil Servant.

  • 16 Important Questions to shape your exam preparation 360°

  • Clear and Practical Guidance on every conceivable doubt based on the in-depth interviews of eight UPSC toppers.

  • 100% performance optimization through exclusive insights and toppers' recommended tips and techniques.

Most Important Points Why Should You Purchase this Course

  • 1. Decide which OPTIONAL subject to choose.

  • 2. Get valuable tips on ANSWER/ESSAY WRITING.

  • 3. Learn the art of MAKING USEFUL NOTES.

  • 4.Find out what it takes to ace your INTERVIEW.

  • 5. Discover how to prepare for CURRENT AFFAIRS.

Course curriculum

    1. Know your WHY

    1. TIME is your dime

    1. STRATEGIZE to succeed

    1. Ace NCERT!

    1. Exceptional for OPTIONAL

    1. Manage your SYLLABUS

About this course

  • ₹165.00
  • 16 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content

Learn from the BEST and CRACK UPSC in ONE ATTEMPT!

  • India’s 1st UPSC Course

  • Toppers' Guided Revision Tips

  • A-Z Exam Coverage

  • 100% Score Optimization

  • Exclusive Insights

  • UPSC Mentorship

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