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UPSC Strategy Video Course, a platform which gives you an edge in your preparation for the India’s most reputed UPSC Civil Services Examination. This course is meant for all those aspirants who not just dream but ‘AIM’ to give selfless service to this nation and its people by becoming a Civil Servant. This Course comes FREE with Disha’s 28 Years UPSC Prelims Solved Papers in English & Hindi written by India’s Top UPSC Educator, Mr. Mrunal Patel. This course will provide exclusive Strategy Video by Mrunal, Interviews with UPSC Toppers, UPSC exam analysis and strategy, Panel Discussions, etc. The course will also provide you Latest Updates with major developments from the perspective of the UPSC Exams.

Course curriculum

    1. Strategy Video by Mrunal

    1. UPSC 2019 Topper (Rank 43) Shubham Bansal Speaks About his Success Secrets, An in depth Interview

    2. UPSC 2019 Topper (Rank 54) Mukund Kumar Speaks About his Success Secrets, An In-depth Interview

    3. UPSC 2019 Topper (Rank 19) Shrestha Anupam Speaks About his Success Secrets, An in depth Interview

    4. UPSC 2019 Topper (Rank 42) Dipankar Choudhary Speaks About his Success Secret, an in-depth Interview

    1. अन्वेषण - Anticipatory Bail _ What is Anticipatory Bail_ #anticipatorybill

    2. अन्वेषण - 4th Quad Foreign Ministers' Meet - 4th Quad ministers meet Details By Disha Publication

    3. अन्वेषण - Global Hunger Index 2021 __ India Ranked at 101 Position

    4. What is Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) _ Multidimensional Poverty Index explained by Disha

    5. अन्वेषण - The Tribunals Reforms Bill 2021 - Hot Topic _ Disha Publication

    6. अन्वेषण - What is e-RUPI_ _ RBI's Digital Currency Explained BY Disha Publication

    7. विश्लेषण - Bankruptcy and Insolvency Code Concept Analysis By Disha Publication

    8. What are Financial Inclusion and its challenges- #financialinclusion

    9. विश्लेषण - Deepor Beel, Eco Sensitive Zone __ Deepor Beel Wetland

    10. विश्लेषण - Detailed Discussion on India in UNSC by Disha Publication

    11. विश्लेषण- Smart Advanced Manufacturing and Rapid Transformation Hub (SAMARTH)

    12. अन्वेषण - Karbi Anglong Peace Agreement -- Detailed Discussion

    13. अन्वेषण - LANDSAT 9 NASA Earth Monitoring Satellite _ NASA Space Mission _ Satellite Launch _ Disha

    14. अन्वेषण - Ramsar Sites in India _ Ramsar convention

    15. अन्वेषण - Russia Ukraine War updates - russia and ukraine explained in hindi by Disha Publication

    16. अन्वेषण - Shankhalipi Inscriptions _ Rajgir _ Ornate Brahmi

    17. अन्वेषण - Tension on Russia-Ukraine Border - Hot Topics Analysis by Disha Publication

    18. अन्वेषण - The G-Sec Acquisition Programme (G-SAP) -- Open Market Operation (OMO). #g-sec #gsap #omo

    19. अन्वेषण - What is “SKY GLOW LIGHT POLLUTION”- - Detailed Analysis By Disha Publication

    20. अन्वेषण - What is RBI Retail Direct Scheme_ _ RBI Retail Direct Scheme Explained _ Disha Publication

    21. अन्वेषण- Children Climate Risk Index_ UNICEF _ Climate Change

    22. क्या है 'अग्निपथ- All benefits of the Agnipath scheme.

    1. विवेचना - Ratification of UNCLOS by major powers of the world should be emphasis of India Part -1

    2. विवेचना - Ratification of UNCLOS by major powers of the world should be emphasis of India Part -2

    3. विवेचना - US Military withdraws its troops from Afghanistan _ Disha Publication

    4. विवेचना- The Assam-Mizoram Issue-Violent Clashes happened at the border of Assam and Mizoram. PART 2

    5. #SriLanka’s #endless Crisis No quiet after the storm

    6. Bribery Risk Matrix 2021 _ Corruption in India

    7. Laying the Ground to delegitimize the Supreme Court - Here's Why

    8. The Hindu Artcile- #Explainer- Indian Parliament @75. #parliamentofindia

    9. The Hindu Article - #Explainer- India-Egypt Security cooperation in making #thehinduanalysisupsc

    10. The Hindu Article - Explainer

    11. The Hindu Article Explaine On Zawahiri Killing- Millitancy Explained

    12. The Hindu Article Explainer - Latest News, Current Affairs 2022 #upsc #ibps

    13. The hindu Article- Explainer- Indian President @ 75

    14. The Hindu Article- How much should India prop up the rupee- #explained #thehinduanalysisupsc

    15. The Hindu Article- Inflation Peaks in Europe a Russia squeezes Oil supply. #explainer

    16. The Hindu Article Weekly Explainer _ Current Affairs 2022 _ The Hindu

    17. The Hindu explainer- India@ 75- Indian Federalism @ 75 #dishapublication #thehinduanalysis #india

    18. Vanautu - The Most Mysterious Island Ever! #vanautuisland

    19. Vanautu - The Most Mysterious Island Ever! #vanautuisland_2

    20. Western Hydrocarbon exodus and Arctic boycott- Opportunities for India in Russia. #explainer

    21. What is AUKUS- - #Aukus Trilateral Security Partnership between Australia, UK & USA -- #Worldaffairs

    22. What is Aukus_ _ Why Aukus In News_ _ How Aukus Impact to China_ __ Detailed Discussion about #Aukus

    23. What is the G20 Summit, and what does it do_ #g20

    24. विवेचना - Disease Surveillance System __ Changing the Agri exports basket

    25. विवेचना - Geopolitics of outer space -- Disha The Hindu Tutorial 1st Oct - 7th Oct

    26. विवेचना - Health is a Human Rights! Human Rights in Healthcare

    27. विवेचना - Nipah Virus -- 2 + 2 Ministerial dialouge between India and Australia

    28. विवेचना - The Hindu Editorial __ Post-modern agriculture, New Challenges to ozone Emergency

    1. Latest News_ What's Happening Now_ Everything you need to know! #topcurrentaffiars

    2. Current Topics in News 1st December. #currentnewstoday

    3. Current Topics in News 5th August 2022 - Daily Current Affairs for Competitive Exams

    4. Current Topics in News 06th July 2022 - Competitive Exams - By Sahil Madaan

    5. Current Topics in News 7th September. #currentaffairs

    6. Current Topics in News 20th August 2022 _ Competitive Exams _

    7. Current Topics in News 20th June 2022 - Competitive Exams - By Sahil Madaan

    8. Current Topics in News 22nd June 2022 _ Competitive Exams _ By Sahil Madaan

    9. Current Topics in News 29th June 2022 - Competitive Exams - By Sahil Madaan

    10. Current Topics in News 31st August 2022 _ Competitive Exams

    11. Private Member Bill _ Why Private Member Bill Is In News _ Disha Publication

    12. Union Budget 2021-2022 Analysis By Aman Soni _ Financial Budget _ Nirmala Sitharaman

    13. Importance of Answer Writing _ The Secret Ingredient to clear UPSC_ EX-IRS Awdhesh Singh

    14. Balance of Payment _ Mr. Aman Soni _ Disha Publication

    15. Best Practices For Writing Essays in UPSC CSE Mains Examination By EX IRS OFFICER DR. AWDHESH SINGH

    16. How To Analyze Current Affairs For IAS Prelims And Main Exams _ Disha Publication

    17. Evolving Global Geopolitics And Important Topics in The UPSC Exam Pattern _ Disha Publication

    18. How to crack Essay & Answer Writing in UPSC IAS Main Exam- Disha Publication

    19. UPSC Master Class By Ashish Malik _ Low Oxygen Level In Lakes and reservoirs _ UPSC Mains

    1. Power full Discussion Of UPSC Examination

    2. Power full Discussion Of UPSC Examination - 1

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It's a good strategy video.

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