The Secret Code Of UPSC Toppers

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    1. How to remain Happy and Excited and still achieve your goals - Video

    1. The Hidden truth behind success in Exams - Comforting Lies V/S Unpleasant Truth - Video

    1. Three Habits Of Topper

    1. How To Enjoy Studies Like Games - Video

    1. How to study more in less time? - Video

    1. Topper Strategy -Vaibhav Rawat, AIR 25, UPSC CSE 2020

    2. Download Vaibhav Rawat Interview PDF

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About The Coach

Mr Avinash Agarwal

Mr Avinash Agarwal is a seasoned counsellor in the field of academics and life skills. He is a B-Tech in Computer Science followed by MBA from MDI, Gurgaon. Densely exposed to students, teachers and administrators in India as well as abroad, he has worked diligently for the transformation of classroom teaching. He is on a mission to empower millions of students by helping them reach their full potential and excel not only in exams but also in life. In the last 15 years, he has taken hundreds of seminars and workshops touching the lives of lakhs of teachers and students. His recent book Topper Study Hacks is based on the success story of more than 100 Toppers of different competitive exams. Besides being a study coach, he is also a travel enthusiast and an avid sportsman.
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